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Dr. Nirali Patel

DAOM Doctorate | L.Ac

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Pain Management

Results Without Medications, Side Effects Or Complications

Dr. Patel uses a number of techniques for acute and chronic pain such as myofascial trigger point needling, micro and milli current electro stimulation, cupping, soft tissue release and targeted massage to release areas of musculoskeletal problems.

Dry Needling trigger-point therapy helps facilitate healing and recovery in stressed or injured muscles. Over time, either due to overuse or injury, muscle fibers aren’t able to properly expand and contract, which leads to tightness or that “knot” you feel, or a decrease in your range of motion.

Trigger point therapy involves inserting high quality acupuncture needles into a muscle or muscle group to elicit a “twitch” response. The contraction of the muscle allows the muscle fibers to relax, increases blood flow to the area allowing the body’s own healing mechanisms to go to work and releases histamines. Thus, reducing the stress load on your muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.

Motor point therapy is used in conjunction with trigger-point technique to encourage the muscle to fire properly. This is done by inserting a needle into an anatomical location where the nerve enters the muscle.


Trigger-point dry needling is a very effective clinical intervention for the treatment of myofascial pain syndromes. Dr. Patel treats areas of the body with deep muscle pain that are not treatable by home pain management techniques such as stretching and rolling.

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