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Insurance Verification

Most patients are fully or partially covered by their insurance.

Send us your information and we will verify your acupuncture benefits for you!

United Healthcare, Blue Shied of CA, Blue Cross/Blue shield, Aetna, Cigna, Medrisk for workers comp, Triwest for veterans, and more!

**If you have multiple insurance carriers, fill out a new form for each carrier and inform us of which carrier is the primary insurance you use. Without this clarification, your claims will be denied.

We will let you know your deductible, number of allowed visits and copay information. For the finer details of coverage, please contact your insurance company prior to your first appointment. The information we convey to you reflects our best ability to obtain benefits: Per the insurance carriers quoted statement: 'Insurance Benefits are not a guarantee of payment, actual payment will be determined when claim is processed.'

For fast verification, fill out the above form AND send a picture of your insurance card to

Thanks for submitting!

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