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Service Descriptions

For treatment duration times and prices or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nirali, click here. 

To maximize your treatment time, please fill out the 'New Patient Packet' in your confirmation email prior to your visit & bring it with you or arrive 15 minutes early to fill out the paperwork.

Acupuncture New Patient

The first step to treating any health condition is understanding your body and how it works. This treatment is to treat, prevent and maintain good health.

Your treatment will be individualized to your unique needs. To learn conditions treated with acupuncture, read: What can acupuncture treat?

This treatment session includes:
- A complete health history review
- Discussion of your health goals and expected treatment outcomes
- Treatment plan
- Acupuncture treatment + other therapeutic modalities as needed (cupping, moxa, tui na, targeted massage)
- Herbal formulas/supplements
- Dietary and lifestyle recommendations as needed

FOR BOOKING THROUGH CLASSPASS: This session will include intake and acupuncture only. 

Acupuncture Follow-up

To ensure the persistence of the results, regular follow-up treatments are recommended.

If you are a NEW PATIENT, you must schedule a ‘New Patient’ appointment.

FOR BOOKING THROUGH CLASSPASS: This session will include intake and acupuncture only. 

Fire Cupping

A 30 minute cupping treatment is equivalent to 1.5 hours of massage!

Cupping is used to relieve pain, enhance circulation, loosen tight muscles and to promote overall health and wellness. It stimulates healing by loosening the muscles, fascia and connective tissue all within a single cupping session.

There are a host of health benefits that arise from cupping as it enhances blood and lymph circulation and relaxes the muscles.

Cupping is a treatment alternative to painkillers and medications. This therapy is used to decrease pain by healing muscles and tissues deep within the body. This allows the body to fall deeply into a relaxed state.

As blood flow increases within the vessels and capillaries, more blood moves to the tissues, providing nutrients and oxygen. In addition to proving food to the tissues, the increased circulation helps detoxify the body. Toxins are pulled up from deep within the body and brought up to the surface. By drawing impurities to the surface, toxins are reduced within the body, leaving room for better circulation.

Acupuncture Facial

Let's make one thing very clear...your skin! Beauty is confidence applied directly to your skin.

Dr. Nirali Patel will insert tiny and painless needles onto your face. As the needles puncture the skin, they create wounds called positive microtraumas. These signal the body to go into repair mode by stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory system. This delivers oxygen and nutrients to your skin to promote healing and stimulate the production of collagen.

  • Treats acne: Blackheads, whiteheads, cystic acne

  • Reduces pigmentation: Sun spots and dark spots left behind from blemishes

  • Improves collagen production: To firm the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles

  • Balances oil production

  • Heals and soothes irritated skin: Rosacea, eczema, dermatitis

Skin Consultation

During this session, we will talk specifically about your skin concerns. This includes:

  • Your goals: History of your skin condition and what you are looking to achieve

  • Treatment: Best course of treatment for your skin

  • Herbs: Discussion of herbs to treat the root cause of your skin condition for long-term results

  • Products for your skin type: From the Unique Remedy skincare line as well as other recommendations

  • Regimen: Create an easy to follow skincare regimen that suits your lifestyle

If you don’t get a chance to come in for your consultation, your consultation can be be done via email and/or FaceTime!

Herbs/Supplement Consultation

When it comes to supplements, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Each individual needs a unique combination of extra vitamins and nutrients to keep their body functioning at an optimal level.

During your supplement consultation, we will go over your personal needs based on goals, heath and lifestyle. I will recommend vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements so you can develop a daily regimen at home.

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